St. Barnabas Episcopal Church


Sunday School at St. Barnabas

The congregation of St. Barnabas welcomes the children of all ages, abilities, and personalities into our midst.  Children are encouraged to participate in Sunday School and to be comfortable in the church service; we see our children as full members of God’s loving family.

The St. Barnabas Sunday School welcomes children into an exploration of biblical story and personal, spiritual growth through three classes of age appropriate curricula.  Understanding the busy schedules of today’s families, lessons are designed to welcome children who attend only occasionally but also to provide continuity for children who attend regularly.

Sunday School starts at 10 am, but teachers are available starting at 9 for children who come earlier.  Lessons run about 40 minutes, and then the children join the rest of the congregation for Communion. Lessons are conducted on the 1st, and 3rd Sundays of each month. The 2nd Sunday is Art Sunday, when children work on a project that contributes to the beautification of our building.  On the 4th Sunday, the children participate in the instructed Eucharist that is part of our intergenerational LEAF program (Learning at Every Age of Faith). The children practice a song each Sunday in preparation for singing at the Offertory on LEAF Sunday. On the 5th Sundays, the Sunday School children are our Munch and Mingle hosts.  

Sunday School Classes

Nursery Care
Professional Caregiver:  Diane Voytovich  Subsititute:    Libby White
Nursery care is available for infants and toddlers from 9am -12 noon.  Nursery children are encouraged to participate in the Godly Play lessons, music and art activities as their interests grow.

Godly Play

Teachers:  Caitlin Dukes and Wendy Wagner                                                Recommended for ages 1 to 6

Godly Play uses Montessori principles, manipulative learning materials, and a spiral curriculum to help our youngest children explore their faith through story, to gain familiarity with religious language, and to enhance their spiritual experience though wonder and play. For more information, see The Godly Play Foundation at

Weaving God’s Promises

Teachers:  Gloria Flint and Jean Schembs                 Recommended for children 6 to 9 (through 4th grade)

Weaving God’s Promises is a three-year Episcopal curriculum for children and middle-school youth.  The lessons weave together the threads of Christian life—the threads of scripture, of worship, faith, and reason, of love and service.  They join together God’s stories to God’s promises to us for our salvation and our lives as Christians.  A class lesson begins with storytelling and is followed by a reinforcing activity. Learn more at


Teachers:  Susan Oldrieve and Julie Whittaker              Recommended for ages 10 to 15 (5th-9th grade)

re:form is a youth ministry program that tackles questions about the Bible, creed, disciples, Jesus, other beliefs, and hot topics through the use of funny, "tween-friendly" videos and activities.  For more information, see

Teens 16 and older are eligible to become full members of the Episcopal Church and to participate as adults in the worship service and in parish and diocesan events and outreach.   Youth at St. Barnabas are encouraged to participate as a group and as individuals in the many excellent diocesan programs for Episcopal youth. For more information, see


Education for Ministry (EfM)

 4-Year Theological Study and Reflection from Sewanee Seminary, The University of the South

Education for Ministry is open to anyone with an interest in gaining a deeper understanding of Christian tradition, theology, and history. You do not need to be a member of the St. Barnabas congregation or an Episcopalian in order to participate.

The EfM curriculum is developed at the University of the South's Episcopal seminary and honed by thousands of small groups throughout the country.  Rich Oldrieve and Diane Hexter are the co-mentors for the St. Barnabas group.

EfM provides a four-year sequence of courses: The Hebrew Bible, The Christian Scriptures, Church History, and Contemporary Theology. Each weekly, three hour class period includes discussions of the readings and a Bible-based theological reflection that enable class members to connect their course reading and scripture to their personal experiences, beliefs, and expressions of faith through thought, word, and action.

Though the four year commitment may seem intimidating, a one week at a time approach leads to great joy. Each September, as some participants graduate, we look to enroll several more members.

If you have any questions about EfM, you may call or email mentors Diane (440-590-5950 /, or Rich (440-463-4031/