St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

St. Barnabas started as an Episcopal Church in 1950 to serve the needs of Bay Village, Avon, Avon Lake and the surrounding Western communities.  Today, St. Barnabas continues to serve a growing community of caring people drawn together by a desire to worship God in an open and inclusive environment.  We take the motto of the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio to heart.  "Love God, Love your neighbor, Change the world."  We hope that you will visit us soon to discover all that St. Barnabas has to offer.  Please join us Sunday mornings at 10:00.



The Episcopal Church is a branch of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ with his Apostles. It is part of a world wide fellowship called the Anglican Communion, with its roots in the Church of England.

It is a universal or catholic church, continuing in the teaching, fellowship, sacramental worship and prayers according to the Apostolic tradition. It is a Church of the Protestant Reformation, firmly rooted on the foundation of Holy Scripture and believing that the Bible contains all things necessary for salvation.

It is an evangelical church, proclaiming Christ Crucified and Resurrected and affirming the need for a personal relationship with Him. It is a Compassionate Church, bringing the grace and hope of the Gospel to every area of life.

As members of the Church, we are all ministers of the Gospel, representing Christ to this broken world, bearing witness to His Love, leading others to faith in Him and according to the gifts given us, carrying out His work of reconciliation.

You can learn more about The Episcopal Church by visiting this site, I am Episcopalian.

You can learn more about the Anglican Communion here.                                                               


Our Stewardship Statement



Our Ministry Plan for the coming year is to continue to Love God, Love Our Neighbors and Change the world.  As a community of faith we are creating a spiritual home at St. Barnabas, a home where everyone is welcome, where we care for each other and for those outside the Church, where we look to the future with hope and excitement about what comes next.
Just as it takes resources to maintain our personal homes, it takes resources to run our spiritual home. It takes resources of several kinds--time, talent and treasure.  Everything we have is a gift from God and we intend to return to God a portion of the gifts we have been given. We do that by investing time to support worship and programs, to maintain our building and grounds and to reach out to those in need. We use our gifts of leadership, music, playing, praying, teaching children and welcoming people to make this a spiritual home filled with beauty, joy and hospitality. And we give money so that we have the financial resources to operate. Using a portion of every kind of resource that has been given to us for the building up of God's Kingdom is stewardship.
In the Fall we take stock of the resources available to St. Barnabas for the coming year. That enables us to budget for programing, outreach, spiritual formation of adults and children, and for the maintaining and improving of our building. We endeavor to use wisely the time of our volunteers, the talents of our parishioners and the financial resources available to us. Just as our roots in our families of origin have fed us and helped us to become the individuals we are, we have now become the roots feeding St. Barnabas as it becomes the spiritual home that God has envisioned it to be.
The Trustees of St. Barnabas, along with the Priest in Charge, have signed on to this vision of stewardship and we invite those who agree with us to add their signatures.
If you would like to sign this statement, it can be found on the table in the entry.